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Destino, La Paz

Esperando el ómnibus en la estación de Puno miraba a tres jóvenes rubias tomando gaseosas, riendo y conversando en un idioma que me sonaba escandinavo. Un cuarentón solo, vestido con traje obscuro, camisa blanca, corbata, cargando un pequeño cartapacio, un burócrata. Esta seria la ultima parada del ómnibus antes de llegar a La Paz. Las … Continue reading »

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The Enchanted Toy

A story of discovery   A story told me by Rudy Morales. Illustrated and animated in Flash by Manuel Valencia. As the holiday season arrived this year, I was sure that after being a good boy, I would get all the presents that I had on my list, was thinking Jimmy while looking out his … Continue reading »

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  A dream of awakening Another dream yet again. Above a Flash animation illustrating it. Walking one chilly morning with a friend, I found myself in an old European town. The rays of sun could be seen caressing the tips of the buildings, under a clear and light blue sky. The streets were narrow and … Continue reading »

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Roma, città eterna

  Voyage into the imagination of Piranesi I remember, when only about four years old, being invited to my Swiss neighbor’s house to play. They were my first contact with people of foreign lands. My friend was a blond boy of about my age. I remember dearly his mother, a kind and gentle tall Teutonic … Continue reading »

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Dreaming like René Magritte

If the dream is a translation of waking life, waking life is also a translation of the dream. ”
- Rene Magritte When I was young I had very vivid dreams. I still do. Some of my dreams are of an anxious nature, bordering on the nightmarish. As I grew up, I adapted to this reality … Continue reading »

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The End

I dream vividly and often, this was an anxious dream, some would call it a nightmare, not I, my nightmares tend to end badly. This is an attempt to remember that dream and turn it into a story. During a solemn ceremony at a lavishly decorated gothic building, where the members of a group of individuals, were … Continue reading »

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¿Arrogante yo?

adj arrogante. 1. que se siente superior a los demás y los desprecia. 2. que caracteriza a la persona que se siente superior Mi crudo intento de ilustrar esta opinión con este video   Durante una de las usuales reuniones con amigos, comida y bebida, a las cuales me siento muy afortunado de asistir gracias a … Continue reading »

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