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Roma, città eterna

  Voyage into the imagination of Piranesi I remember, when only about four years old, being invited to my Swiss neighbor’s house to play. They were my first contact with people of foreign lands. My friend was a blond boy of about my age. I remember dearly his mother, a kind and gentle tall Teutonic … Continue reading »

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Dreaming like René Magritte

If the dream is a translation of waking life, waking life is also a translation of the dream. ”
- Rene Magritte When I was young I had very vivid dreams. I still do. Some of my dreams are of an anxious nature, bordering on the nightmarish. As I grew up, I adapted to this reality … Continue reading »

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DesenMasCareMos al bribón

Lo que las malas lenguas dirian Carta que precede la llegada del bribón a reunirse con las chicas del colegio   Como ustedes sabrán, han pasado casi 40 años de que no se le ve al Manoli, me refiero a Manuel Valencia, compañero del colegio Santa Margarita. Esto no se debe a los tantos rumores … Continue reading »

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